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RAW Rhys Wilcox

Rhys Wilcox


Rhys enjoyed and excelled at performance during his early school years but it was in the latter part of the 80s when he discovered the satisfaction of creating the drama:

  • 1988: an original pantomime adaptation of 'The Wizard of Oz' (actor, writer & director)

  • 1991: Ugly Sister, 'Sinderella'

  • 1992: Barnaby Tucker, 'The Matchmaker'

  • 1992: Francis MacMillan, 'Nuts'

  • 1992: 'Sinderella 2' (actor, writer & director)

  • 1993: 'A Christmas Carol: The Director's Cut' (actor, writer & director)

  • 1994: Birdboot, 'The Real Inspector Hound'

  • 1994: Director, 'Dirty Linen'

  • 1994: 'PUDS Revue' (actor, writer & director)

  • 1994: 'A Christmas Murder Mystery' (actor, writer & director)

  • 1995: 'PUDS Revue' (actor, writer & director)

  • 1997 - 1999: The SOAP Boys, stand-up.

Family and career moved performance to a sideburner but writing continued, culminating with the publication of his debut novel 'Blood Lust' in 2002 and 6 more novels since.


Since Melanie's dramatic renaissance, Rhys has been co-writing and supporting some technical and media aspects of productions.

  • 2021: St Neots Players production of 'Sleeping Beauty' (co-writer)

  • 2022: RAW Theatre Productions 'Murder at the Theatre'

  • 2022: RAW Theatre Productions 'Cinderleia'

Future projects include:

  • 'Totally Unfaer' - a children's novelette

  • 'Blood Lust 5'

  • 'A Christmash Carol: The Panto'

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