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Tim Bettsworth


Tim trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Film and TV credits include:

Hund​ Father - ​BAMA House Productions

Comb4t_W4rrior ​Lee ​Read Films

Grammarly​ Constable Tommy Silversun Productions

Birthday Boy​ Posh Man ​Hydra Films RKM

Serial Thriller​ Gary​Ruby Films

Lunch Date​ Garage Worker ​WEP Productions

Road to Khabul ​Ensign Stapleton​AETN/BSkyB

Outside​ Titus Oates ​London Film School

Snowflakes​ Paul Cross​@SnowflakesComedy

Burn ​Dan​Buxton NU

Method ​Thomas ​CCCUC Media

The Forbidden Zone ​John ​Boss Hogg Productions

Vigilante​ Vigilante ​Final Fight Films

Sirens​ Peter ​Viewfinder Film Festival

Afterbirth​ John ​Independent

Vampire Murderer ​Matthew Hardman​ Japanese Television

Crimewatch​ John ​BBC

The Young Poisoner ​Graham Young​ Japanese Television

The Organ Grinder​ Mikey ​Brixton Film Festival

Grow Up​ Tom ​Raindance Film Festival

Origami​ Steve ​Oxford Film Foundation

Yellow​ The Boy ​Cheeky Monkey

Saving Face​ Daniel ​Independent


Presenting and voiceover credits:

GDPR Regulations​ Presenter ​Deloitte

Road to Khabul​ Ensign Stapleton​AETN/BSkyB

So English ​Presenter ​Take Two Productions

Poetry of John Clare ​Poetry recital ​Irv’s Charitable Works

Financial seminars ​Presenter ​Wade World Trade

Mental health documentary​ Narrator ​Independent

Financial seminars​Presenter​Fleet Street Publications

Success on Hold​E instein ​Parliamentary Educ. Dept

UCL Bloomsbury Theatre​ Announcement ​UCL Bloomsbury Theatre

He was lucky enough to do adverts for Tango and Nintendo Switch and corporate shoots for Toast TV and Roche. Theatre credits include:

Macbeth​ Macbeth​ National Tour

The Mousetrap​ Christopher Wren ​St. Martin’s Theatre

A Christmas Carol​ Young Scrooge ​Bloomsbury Theatre

Keyboard Skills ​Compton-Miller ​Hen and Chickens

Peepshow​ Eric​ Greenwich Playhouse

Twelfth Night ​Sebastian​ National Tour

Othello​ Montano ​National Tour

Merchant of Venice ​Lorenzo ​National Tour

Mice​ Daniel ​Edinburgh Festival

Romeo and Juliet ​Benvolio​ Hot Air Festival

The Alchemist ​Epicure Mammon​ Oxford Playhouse

Way of the World​ Witwoud​ Oxford Playhouse

Present Laughter ​Roland Maule ​Chanticleer Theatre

Lady from the Sea ​Wangel ​The Drayton

Trench Kiss​ Jasper Everley​ St John’s Auditorium

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