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 Murder Mysteries

What can you expect from all our Murder Mysteries?

A fully interactive and immersive evening where you will:

  • have an opportunity to investigate the murder scene

  • be given evidence to review and decipher

  • will have the opportunity to interrogate each suspect at your table.

The evening is fully scripted (apart from the improvisation element depending on what questions are asked); nothing is left to chance.

Every look, line and movement/positioning is precise to give the outcome we desire.

Our team of writers and actors work tirelessly on their characters, back story and preparing for questions. In fact, it takes more time to prepare for that than it does for these fabulous actors to be script down! 

There can be only one winning team. So it is important to write down as many clues about each suspect and in general that you uncover. The team with the most clues will be victorious.

We have a variety of packages available depending on audience size, venue size and layout. 

Head mics for amplification are also available if required.

A special audience is invited to the preview show of Raw Theatre Productions' performance of 'Silly Cow'. A murder is committed and it is the audience's job (with the help of Inspector Meltoya) to discover the murderer.


A contemporary Murder Mystery with many a twist and turn. 

Blank Murder at the Theatre.jpg

Murder At The Theatre

1930s blank_edited.jpg

Murder At The Grosvenor

It’s 1938 and a group of strangers find themselves snowed in on a beastly cold night at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.

A vintage Murder Mystery, perfect for Christmas or any time of the year.

Valentines blank.jpg

Love Is Murder

It’s the weekend and a group of romance seekers are gathered at the UK Love Resort to celebrate their love for each other... until someone gets murdered.

A contemporary Murder Mystery, perfect for Valentines or any time of the year.

RAW Death Day Blank.jpg

Happy Death Day To Me

Join the Robinson Family at home for the weekend, celebrating a birthday. Not everyone that's there has been invited. Many secrets are uncovered.

A contemporary Murder Mystery, great for birthday parties and all year round.


Halloween Murder Mystery

It’s Halloween night and what should have been a conventional themed party turns into a “horror” in more ways than one.

A contemporary Murder Mystery, great for Halloween or any horror themed evenings.

Hollywood Murder.jpg

Murder In The Hollywood Hills

Hollywood in its prime, 1952. A handpicked group of people are invited to the home of an elusive Hollywood Producer - but why them, and to what end?


An American vintage Murder Mystery, suitable for 1950s / Gatsby themed evenings or any time of the year.


Murder in the Blitz

Some people find themselves stranded in Goodge Street underground station hiding from the German bombings in 1940s London. Someone is brutally murdered, but by whom? The nurse? The Government Official? Or one of the other suspects?

Torn between fleeing and being killed by a bomb or staying and being savagely attacked themselves.

Murder at the Garrison - A Peaky Blinders Inspired Murder Mystery - available from April 2024

It's the 15th February 1921. In Birmingham, England. The Shelby family are running the streets and Chief Inspector Chester Campbell has been tasked with cleaning up by going hard on crime. 


Who will the victim be? Who committed the Murder? That's for you to find out.

Characters are based on the TV show Peaky Blinders, but in an original story for our RAW audiences.

Murder at the <Insert Venue here> - a fully improvised Murder Mystery

Shakespeare R&J poster (1).jpg

This Direful Murder: A Shakespeare Murder Mystery - available from August 2024

The Capulets are holding an old accustomed feast that some Montague boys are crashing in the hope of meeting some pretty ladies.


When all are gathered, a direful murder is committed whereupon Montagues and Capulets are two families both alike in suspicion!

All words are by the great Shakespeare himself, but not necessarily delivered in the order he originally proposed.

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